High Accuracy Compact Differential Pressure Transmitter

High Accuracy Compact Differential Pressure Transmitter

Compact differential pressure transmitter For indutrial application
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Based on the original products, our company continuously introduces new technologies and develops various new 10bar 16bar pressure transmitter, 330° Rotary Temperature Switch, Diffused Silicon Pressure Transmitter to meet the needs of the market. Over the years, with high-quality solutions, first- class service, ultra-low prices we win thee trust and favor of customers. We create a safe and orderly warehousing environment, to ensure product quality, and provide timely supply of goods to our customers through reasonably fast logistics. We share the scientific and technological achievements of the research institute through targeted cooperation. Our goal is to use our advanced and unique technology to provide customers with high-quality and cost-effective products and services, meet the needs of the market and society, create value, and achieve the company's sustainable development.

Compact differential pressure transmitter


Compact differential pressure transmitter adopts diffused silicon differential pressure sensor and stainless steel case. To measure the differential pressure of pipeline or impulse line, the two pressure interfaces can be connected with the pipe, It is suitable for measuring differential pressure of gas and liquid.


Main Features

1. Industrial protection grade

2. Fully stainless steel structure
3. 4-20mA, RS485, 0-5V/10V output


Specification of Compact Differential Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Range






Overload Capacity


Operating Temperature


Medium Temperature

-40°C~85°C (Heat radiator must be used if medium temperature over 80°C)


Gas/Liquid/Oil etc

Sensor Material

Diffusion silicon



We are one of the major supplier of High Accuracy Compact Differential Pressure Transmitter in China. We believe that when competing in the same industry, we should pay more attention to the core value of the customer's business philosophy, rather than just product prices. 'Use wisdom to make products and serve customers with heart' is our service philosophy.


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