Explosion-Proof Type Pressure Transmitter with Lightning Proof Isolation Device

Explosion-Proof Type Pressure Transmitter with Lightning Proof Isolation Device

Explosion proof pressure transmitter For oilfield pressure measurement
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Explosion proof pressure transmitter



Explosion proof pressure transmitter is equipped with explosion proof 3051 case and good quality diffused silicon sensor. It is mostly used in oil field system.


Main Features

1. 4-20mA & RS485 double output

2. Backup battery could last 1 month after outage

3. Multi units for choice and change in workshop

4. LCD digital display, electric current/pressure/percentage

5. Span shift and zoom

6. 3051 industrial anti-explosion case


Specification Explosion proof pressure transmitter

Measuring Range




Overload Capacity


Output Signal

4-20mA & RS485



Power Supply



5 digits LCD

Medium Temperature


Operating Temperature


Relative Humidity


Remark: Heat radiator must be used if medium temperature over than 80°C.


Selection Guide 

Explosion proof pressure transmitter


Output Signal




4-20mA & RS485


Thread connection







Measuring Range

According to customer's request

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