LCD Display 4G Digital Signal Wireless Transmitter

LCD Display 4G Digital Signal wireless Transmitter is a wireless pressure transmitter with low-power consumption. It adopts advanced industrial MCU core, high quality sensor, industrial wireless data module, high-capacity lithium battery. It can realize the 2G/4G mobile internet system consist of multi products, monitoring the current data of multi points in wide range, such as gas chamber, oil tank and industry automation. It is used in petroleum, coal and water supply automation system.
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Product Details

Main Features

  1. Suitable for 2G, 4G, Nb-iot, Zigbee
    2.Wireless measurement in pipeline, specially used in pressure measurement of oilfield and wellhead
    3.Explosion-proof design and housing, intrinsic safety in circuit
    4.Protection grade IP67, fully sealed waterproof design
    5.Mobile internet communication, test and adjust by hand calibrator
    6.LCD display, -40~70℃ wide working temperature range, display pressure data and battery voltage
    7.38Ah high-capacity lithium battery, extended working life
    8.High gain antenna, wireless transmission distance without limit, as long as required

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Power supply: 3.6V lithium battery


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