Monocrystal Silicon Pressure Transmitter

Monocrystal Silicon Pressure Transmitter

Monocrystal silicon pressure transmitter Accuracy is 0.075% F.S.
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Product Details

Monocrystal silicon pressure transmitter


Main Features

1.Span shift function, span shift ratio 100:1

2.Damping: 0-30s adjustment, 0.1s/step

3.Zero/full span compensation and correction

4.Output current multi points correction

5.Multi pressure units option

6.Ultralow temperature LCD display (-40~70℃)

7.Extraction of a root function for output current

8.Self-diagnosis and fault alarm output function

9.EEPROM non-volatile memory, prevent losing data due to outage or mistake

10.Remote transmission via HART or RS485

SPECIFICATIONS FOR Monocrystal Silicon Pressure Transmitter
Sensor Material
Monocrystalline silicon
Measure Medium
4~20mA+Hart / 4~20mA+RS485
Power Supply
5-digits LCD
0.075% F.S.
≤0.1%/year, 0.25%/3 years
Operating Temperature
Explosion-proof Performance
Explosion-proof, waterproof, sealed shell, Intrinsically-safe
Damping Adjustment
0-30s, 0.1s/step

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