What Role Does The Wireless Temperature Gauge With Data Logger Play In COVID-19 Vaccine?

- Nov 12, 2020-

While scientists and pharmaceutical companies are actively promoting the COVID-19 new crown vaccine, some start-up companies are also actively solving the problems that arise during the vaccine distribution process. Like most medicines, vaccines must be kept within a certain temperature range to be effective. In cold chain transportation from pharmaceutical companies to hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies, the temperature of vaccines needs to be constantly monitored to ensure that they are still effective after delivery.


Currently, the whole world needs tens of billions of new coronavirus vaccines to prevent COVID-19 pandemic, but the vaccine is very fragile. According to estimated statistics, about a quarter of the vaccines showed signs of degradation when they were delivered to doctors. Although this is not to say that these vaccines are no longer safe, it means that these vaccines cannot trigger a strong enough immune response to protect people from diseases. So we need toembed small temperature sensors in vaccine packaging, refrigerators, and freezers to monitor the temperature in all links of transportation. 

To make matters worse, the currently developed COVID-19 vaccine needs to be transported and stored at -94 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 70 degrees Celsius).

Ten years ago, the mass distribution of these vaccines will be more difficult. At that time, most drug temperature monitoring was done manually. Every few hours, someone must record the temperature. x needs to be done with pen, paper and clipboard.

Now, many pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies and doctor's offices have begun to convert to automatic data loggers, which are located in freezers or transport containers to continuously monitor internal temperature. The newly developed Internet-connected small cold chain sensor is located inside transportation equipment and freezers, and continuously transmits temperature data to pharmaceutical companies and pharmacy managers.

For the health and safety of all mankind, perhaps our wireless temperature gauge with data logger can play a huge role.