The New Batch Of Digital Meters Is Being Debugged

- Nov 19, 2020-

Our Japanese customers have tested digital pressure gauges with data logger and are very satisfied. The new batch of digital display gauges is being debugged and it is expected to be shipped on schedule the day after tomorrow.

digital pressure gauge


MRC-PG118T pressure gauge integrates high sensitivity pressure, high precision signal conditioning circuit, low power battery power management, and rich LCD display interface. Naturally strong anti-interference characteristics, it is an ideal intelligent instrument for pressure collection transmission and display. Suitable for oilfield, water conservancy, metallurgy, tap water and other industries.

digital pressure gauge

●Explosion-proof design: explosion-proof aluminium shell, the circuit board system is intrinsically safe.
●Protection level: IP66, fully sealed and waterproof design.
●Rich LCD display interface with power prompt and dynamic percentage display.
●The main screen has a 5-bit real-time pressure display.
●The secondary screen can display the time, date, number of data, etc.
●The acquisition rate is 16 seconds/time to 4 times/second, which is more suitable for the application. It can store 260,000 data.