Our New Micro-pressure Differential Gauge Is Used In The Operating Room

- Dec 03, 2020-

Our new micro-pressure differential gauge has been successfully developed and put into the hospital operating room on the front line of anti-epidemic.

Applications and features

Adopt high-precision MEMS sensor and digital technology to detect positive pressure, negative pressure or differential pressure

It can be widely used to measure the pressure of fans and blowers, filter resistance, wind speed, pressure drop caused by furnace ventilation and orifice plate, the liquid level of foaming system and pressure of supercharger or hydraulic system

It can be used to monitor blood and respiratory pressure on medical equipment

Applicable to embedded installation, plane installation and other installation methods

A variety of ranges, output modes and units are optional

No moving parts, anti-vibration

At the same time, it has super large and super bright nixie tube display and optional arc-shaped LED indication of analog mechanical meter

Two groups of relay output or alarm can be selected and the LED indication is provided at the same time

accuracy up to ± 1% FS, optional ± 0.5% FS

Key functions: zero calibration, unit switching, relay setting, response time setting, range/signal calibration, etc

Technical index

Medium: air and non flammable, non corrosive gas, not sensitive to moisture / dust / condensation / oil pollution

Medium temperature: 0-60 ° C

Shell: cast aluminium shell, PC panel

Working environment: - 20-85 ° C

Temperature compensation: 0-50 ° C

Working pressure: 1, 2, 5kpa, depending on the range;

Overload 5xfs, failure pressure 10xfs

Dimension: see dimension drawing

Process connection: 1 / 8 "tapered nozzle, two pairs in total (side or back)

MRC differential gauge_20201203165203