What is oil pressure transmitter?

- Dec 09, 2020-

Products are widely used in cementing and fracturing, domestic fracturing trucks. Imported elastomers and high-precision pressure-sensitive cores are selected, and stainless steel is integrally packaged. It has good moisture-proof and sealing performance. After thousands of fatigue and impact tests, it has the fast dynamic response, high precision, anti-vibration, anti-fatigue and anti-eccentric load capabilities, Strong structure, corrosion resistance, etc.; the transmitter has a built-in anti-interference amplifier circuit, which is suitable for signal output under complex conditions; the product adopts spherical seal, easy to install, easy to use, and adapt to various exploration and mining working conditions.



Model Number: MRC-PTO-800      OEM /ODM: available        Range:  6bar, 10bar, 20bar, 50bar

supply:12-36VDC             Diaphragm material:  316L shield machine pressure sensor

house material: 304, 316L stainless steel     overpressure: 150%FS shield machine pressure sensor

Accuracy: 0.25%FS,0.5%FS,1.0%FS      Medium temperature: 25-85℃        Protect grade: IP67