What are the common faults of the transmitter?

- Dec 03, 2020-

1. When installing, make the pressure-sensitive part of the transmitter perpendicular to the direction of gravity.


If the installation conditions are limited, the zero position of the transmitter should be adjusted to the standard value after installation and fixation.

2. The remaining pressure cannot be released, so the zero position of the sensor cannot be lowered. The best way to eliminate this reason is to remove the sensor and directly check whether the zero position is normal. If it is normal, replace the sealing ring and try again.

3. The output of the pressure transmitter does not change, and the output of the pressure transmitter changes suddenly, and the zero position of the pressure relief transmitter cannot be returned. The reason for this phenomenon is most likely caused by the pressure sensor sealing ring.

4. Whether it meets the power supply requirements; whether there are wiring errors between the power supply and the transmitter and load equipment. If there is no voltage on the transmitter terminal or the polarity is reversed, it can cause the transmitter to output no voltage signal.

5. The shells of pressure sensors and transmitters generally need to be grounded. Signal cables must not be mixed with power cables. Strong electromagnetic interference should be avoided around the sensors and transmitters. Sensors and transmitters should be periodically verified according to industry regulations during use.

6. When selecting pressure sensors and transmitters, users should fully understand the working conditions of the pressure measurement system and make reasonable selections according to their needs to make the system work in the best state and reduce the project cost.

7. The filling liquid in the spacer and the element is transferred to both sides of the measuring diaphragm. The electrodes on the measuring diaphragm and the insulating plates on both sides each form a capacitor.

8. The pressure transmitter is required to be inspected once a week and once a month. The main purpose is to remove the dust in the instrument, carefully check the electrical components, and check the output current value frequently. The pressure transmitter has a weak current. It must be separated from the external strong electricity.

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