What are the working principle and installation requirements of the temperature transmitter?

- Nov 23, 2020-

temperature transmittertemperature transmitter

temperature transmittertemperature transmitter

working principle:

The temperature current transmitter converts the signal of the temperature sensor into a current signal and connects it to the secondary instrument to display the corresponding temperature. The temperature transmitter uses thermocouple and thermal resistance as the temperature measuring element, and the output signal from the temperature measuring element is sent to the transmitter module, after voltage stabilization filtering, operational amplification, non-linear correction, V/I conversion, constant current and reverse After circuit processing such as protection, it is converted into a 4-20mA current signal output linearly with temperature.

Installation requirements:

1. Before installation, check whether the accessories are complete, whether the fasteners are loose, and tighten the antenna.

2. When installing, handle with care and do not knock or drop. The antenna can work normally after tightening

3. After installation and power-on, it is forbidden for non-operators to open the front cover. If the operator misuses it, it is strictly forbidden to save it. Reopen it after power off.

The main reasons for the error:

The output of the transmitter does not change when the temperature of the measured medium increases or decreases. This situation is mostly caused by the sealing problem of the temperature transmitter. It may be because the temperature transmitter is not sealed well or the sensor is accidentally welded during welding. A small hole is formed. This situation generally needs to be replaced by the transmitter housing.

The output signal is unstable. This is the reason for the ability of the temperature source. The ability of the temperature source is an unstable temperature. If the display of the meter is unstable, it is the reason that the anti-interference ability of the meter is not strong.

The output error of the transmitter is large, and there are many reasons for this situation. It may be that the selected resistance wire of the temperature transmitter is wrong, which causes the range error, or it may be that the transmitter is not calibrated when it leaves the factory.

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