Thermal Flow Switch for water

1.Pressure Range:1~150cm/s(water) 3~300cm/s(oil)
2.Switch type:electric appliance/PNP
3.Power supply:24V±20%VDC
4.Dielectric strength level:10MPa
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Product Details


Thermal Flow Switch for water MRC-FS100 is a flow transmitter with switch which could do real-time monitoring of liquid in the pipeline and it shall show the flow condition by several LED displayers. It can monitors following conditions:
1.Flow speed increasing or reducing
2.the medium is moving or not.
It is used to protect idling pump and monitor the flow rate in the pipeline.

Main Features

  1. All stainless-steel case without movable components
    Switching point could be set on site LED displayer shows flow state and on-off state

Thermal Flow Switch

The wiring diagram

Thermal Flow Switch.


1、Thermo Flow Switch to install the product, the probe need to be fully immersed in the fluid, if install to a tube with small diameter, please pay attention to avoid push the probe on the tube wall.
2、When the fluid can not be completely filled pipes, product to be installed at the bottom of the tube.
3、If the pipeline has sediments, please install the product at the side wall of the pipe, horizontal installation, to avoid air and sediment
4、Install the product in a straight or curved intersection distance, pipe length should not less than 4 times the diameter of the pipeline.

Product regulation

1. After install the products on the pipe, please connect the wire connection according to the electrical definition. Switch on the power, then adjust product after 2 minutes.
2. As shown in the picture above, screw off the anti-dust screw, then we could see the adjustment point of potentiometer. Standing at the cable entry side, rotate the adjustment point in clockwise, the indicator would lights from left to tight in order, light off conversely.
3.For different applications, follow the steps below to adjust, If the adjustment effect is not ideal, it can be repeated for several times.
NOTE:When the velocity of fluid flow changes from 15 to 30 seconds, then adjust the potentiometer.

Specification of QLK400 Thermal Flow Meter
Measuring Range1~150cm/s(water), 3~300cm/s(oil)
Power Supply24 ± 20% VDC
Operating Temperature-30°C~80°C
Medium Temperature-20°C~80°C
Overload Capacity10MPa
Protection LevelIP67
Measuring MediumFluid, Water, Oil, Petrolum
Switch TypeRelay, PNP, NPN
Response time2s
Consumption Current<90mA DC

SELECTION GUIDE OF QLK400 Thermal Flow Transmitter with switch

Switch type


Electric relay





Inserting depth











ISO 9001_


Explosion QYB100_



Thermal Flow Switch for water Packing

1. How long will you reply me?
Within 1 hour, no longer than 12 hours.
2. How can I get the quotation?
Please advise the required specification including measuring range, electronic connection, output signal, thread connection, medium, shell material, operating temperaturer, etc, then we can recommend the suitable model for you.
3. Can I get sample?
Pls contact with us online directly and then we can discuss case by case.


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